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Got myself a new bookshelf

by Map on September 10th, 2008


I hate twitter. I hate the idea of twitter. I don’t want to read about how some friend of mine just returned from his/her trip to bathroom and how it all went. And most of us aren’t visited by great ideas worth to be shared with the rest of mankind every 30 minutes. I know I am not. The only thing I am interested to know every 30 minutes is what my friends are reading, what page they are on and what they think about the book at this very moment. :-)

GoodReads’ online book warehouse got it pretty close to what my dream book warehouse looks like. It comes with pre-installed “read”, “currently reading” and “to read” shelves, which is how I naturally sort my books. It allows you to rate your books and to post quick comments, and here they got it right again. To write a full-blown book review is time-consuming and I often lack will power to finish mine, or even to start them. A bookshelf so inviting to “quick-and-dirty” style of book reviews instantly won me over. Sometimes the book is so uninspiring, so all I want to do is to give it 1 star and to add “I wonder why it is even written”. Sometimes I want to keep a few quotes in hope that some day I will add some profound comments to them.

Thomas Paul apparently types away a couple of pages for every book he reads, but who else can do it? For the rest of us there is GoodReads.

How to spot your compatriot in a crowd

by Map on August 19th, 2008

Not difficult if you happened to be a Russian. Yesterday I was waiting in line in a pharmacy, and there was a woman before me who walked carefully, leaning heavily on her walker. Something was strange in her posture, and then I figured what it was: she was wearing shoes with high heels. Even before she started to talk to her husband I knew: she was a Russian.

Marriage by the Bay

by Map on July 24th, 2008

San Francisco Chronicle announced that currently the majority of Californians oppose the proposition to forever define a “Californian marriage” as a holy or unholy union between a man and a woman. (Likely voters oppose marriage initiative) Is inevitable going to happen in our time? It came as a surprise to me, because up to now I thought that the majority considers it their moral duty to throw their unarmed bodies in front of marching progress — in hope to stumble it, I think.

The number is not-so-impressive-but-still-promising 51%, even though in the Bay Area the supporters of our rights to marry whomever we are damn pleased to marry outnumber defenders of a marriage as we know it by 3 to 1. We didn’t get that “Sodom by the Bay” title for nothing. ;)

Quote: «Fifty-one percent of likely voters in the state oppose Proposition 8 on the November ballot, a constitutional amendment that bans same-sex marriage by defining marriage as only between a man and woman, according to a Field Poll released today. The poll shows voters are divided by where they live, their age, gender and political party.»