Got myself a new bookshelf

by Map on September 10th, 2008 (Permalink)


I hate twitter. I hate the idea of twitter. I don’t want to read about how some friend of mine just returned from his/her trip to bathroom and how it all went. And most of us aren’t visited by great ideas worth to be shared with the rest of mankind every 30 minutes. I know I am not. The only thing I am interested to know every 30 minutes is what my friends are reading, what page they are on and what they think about the book at this very moment. :-)

GoodReads’ online book warehouse got it pretty close to what my dream book warehouse looks like. It comes with pre-installed “read”, “currently reading” and “to read” shelves, which is how I naturally sort my books. It allows you to rate your books and to post quick comments, and here they got it right again. To write a full-blown book review is time-consuming and I often lack will power to finish mine, or even to start them. A bookshelf so inviting to “quick-and-dirty” style of book reviews instantly won me over. Sometimes the book is so uninspiring, so all I want to do is to give it 1 star and to add “I wonder why it is even written”. Sometimes I want to keep a few quotes in hope that some day I will add some profound comments to them.

Thomas Paul apparently types away a couple of pages for every book he reads, but who else can do it? For the rest of us there is GoodReads.

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  1. Frank Says:

    Interesting. I spent several days a few months ago feverishly scanning information about my book collection into LibraryThing.

    The rest of life called a halt to that exercise for a while (I still have 1000 or so books still to enter) but I do like the way that LibraryThing uses everyone’s data to connect people and books together in useful ways.

    You have reminded me that I should really also enter some of my reviews there too.

  2. Tom Says:

    I agree with you about Twitter. It seem to me to be a bigger exercise in narcissism that even blogging. Anyone who cares that much about what I am doing at every moment is either a stalker or is planning to rob my house.

    I got started writing book reviews on Amazon and I enjoyed doing it. I like being able to go back and read my reviews to remind myself what I thought of a book I read. Plus, writing all those reviews gave me the added bonus of becoming a Vine Voice on Amazon which means I get free stuff every month including lots of books. And I should add that most of my reviews are only 3 or 4 paragraphs. ;)

    I love reading the NY Times book review section every Sunday. What I like about the NY Times is that the reviews are all very long. They give you lots of information about the book. Since I can only read about 20 books every year, being able to read reviews of 20 books every week makes me feel like I am reading a lot more than I am. ;) I subscribed to a book review magazine but I didn’t renew because the reviews were so short I didn’t feel like I got the flavor of the books.

  3. Ulf Says:

    (I realize I’m a few months behind on this, but I only just read the comments.)

    I totally grok Tom’s point about reading reviews to get reminded about one’s reaction back at the time. I started doing that for movies on my web site when I realized that I didn’t remember all the ones I had already watched (and I do watch a fair number). So by now I have a record of the last 5 years, and it’s been interesting reading already for a few movies, especially when I watched one again and found that I changed my mind about it.

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